A Moment of Snarky, Biting Silence

Story.Vert.Ivins.Gi I saw on cnn.com just a little while ago that Molly Ivins has died.

I was introduced to Ivins’ particular brand of humor by Allen, whose death preceded Ivins’ by 12 long short years. Molly was 62. Allen was 37—I shuddered to realize how far behind me 37 is already.

These are the times, if I believed in a god, that I’d question god’s existence. What kind of mutherfucker takes Allen away, takes Molly away, and leaves the Shrub alive and in a position of unspeakable power? Moot, really, and a good thing that I don’t believe in a god.

I believed in Molly’s voice. I believed in Allen’s love. I believed in so much and still do. I mean, someone’s got to believe, deep down, in the continuance of life and love. What else is there?

Rest not in peace, Molly, but in joy and laughter. While I live, so will your legacy.

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My head and neck don’t stop hurting—haven’t stopped hurting—since, oh, about August.

Pain is one thing, but when it regularly interferes with deep or focused or extended thought, it starts to fuck with my self-image.

I see a physical therapist twice a week, a Korean herb doctor (who rules! call for details) twice a week, my regular doctor (who is awesome) every other week. How do I have time for all of this and keep working?

Well, I don’t. Because the head and neck pain prevents me from doing the kind of work I do.

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The Missus We Missed

Let’s do an experiment. Which one is sexist and “anti-feminist” and “rhymes with witch[y]” and “vapid” and “sheerly mindless”, and which one slipped by the supposedly liberal MSM as charmingly in-character?

[She] would be a really good candidate [for president], is not interested. Probably because she is single, her parents are no longer living, she’s an only child. You need a very supportive family and supportive friends to have this job.


[Neither of us] have family members that will pay the price for this escalation. My point was to focus attention on our military families who continue to sacrifice because this Administration has not developed a political solution to the situation in Iraq.

Obviously the latter one was by Barbara Boxer. But the former? Why, none other than Mrs. “my husband tried to milk a bull” Laura Bush. Where was the so-called Liberal Media then, jumping all over her for being sexist and discriminatory towards Condoleeza Rice?

Poor cunty Andrew Sullivan thought Barbara Boxer, one of the most fervent and powerful politicians to support equal rights for gays & lesbians, to be “Vile”

That’s the only word to describe Senator Boxer’s ad feminam attack on Condi Rice yesterday. There was a trace of homophobia to the smear as well. This kind of attack is like the “chickenhawk” smear and worthy of low-life liars like Michael Moore. We really should be able to debate national security without the politics of personal destruction. The senator should apologize. Today.

Really, Andrew? REALLY? Maybe you should apologize—FINALLY, today!—for talking out your ass about gay men need to espouse monogamy and soi-disant mature behavior while your mouth was too busy parked at your favorite watering glory hole doing public service. And while you’re at it, apologize to everyone you castigated who fought for equal rights according to their own values and principles, simply because you don’t really care for “liberals”.

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Racist Limbaugh

A Democrat goes up against a Republican and the Democrat speaks in bald terms. The Republican is directly responsible for the government which put so many in death’s way—Americans and Iraqis.

The Democrat’s words are taken out of context and “bald” goes falsely to “horrific”.

Does it matter what the genders? What the races? What the sexual orientations?

I say no. Rush nearly calls the Republican a Mammydoll.

Poor Rush. What a fucking sexist, racist loser. And worse? He stands on the tired old slumped shoulders of classic racism to proclaim that all of this marks the “implosion” of the Democratic Party.

Try a mirror, old, fat, white bastard. Then again, maybe that’s not fat, maybe that’s edema.

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Apple iPhone


  • an iPod
  • an internet communicator
  • technically, a Mac!
  • not a tablet computer by any other name
  • a brand new something
  • something that finally makes me happy to be a cingular customer
  • misunderstood by status-quo-er’s
  • underestimated by provider-focused doofuses like Bill & Bill
  • a device whose negative hype apes the original iPod’s
  • something I must have. omg omg omg omg

Ok, it’s a phone, too. GoB knows how much restructuring Cingular had to do behind the scenes to allow the phone to send email and talk at the same time, to permit random-access voicemail and whatever else lurks beneath the sweet, sweet bonnet of this baby.

Funny thing is, it won’t replace any of the iPods I use, but I may listen to music more often. It will replace the totally crap phone I had to spend $300 on because stupid-ass Cingular doesn’t actually offer any cheapo phones without a contract and I’m not eligible for “an upgrade” until April 2007. Oh wait, June 2007 is after April 2007! Yeaaah, I totally lucked out on the timing of this thing.

It won’t replace any Mac I own, either, because it’s not intended to.

So it’s a great iPod but it’s an additional iPod. It’s a great OS X machine, but it’s an additional one. Wow. You think Apple might make some money with this thing? I know it will be making a lot from me.

I will also chuckle mightily when Bill Ray goes “duh” and Bill Gates gets a chin gets real—seriously, how can you claim that companies who provide both the hardware and the software are at a “huge disadvantage” when you’ve just come out with a hardware/software solution? Just because you got Zuned up the butt by your own foray into hardware/software products doesn’t mean everyone else will.

Check out Stephen Colbert. He’s awesome:

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