Lemmings Republicans 2001 Congress

This is an ad called Lemmings that was put together for Apple, Inc. (neé Apple Computer, Inc.) back in the day. Meaning January 1984. (wow, don’t years starting with “19” look antique now?? Wait, nevermind, that makes me an…nevermind) It was aimed at DOS users and to tout the “Macintosh Office”, something that brought networked printing to the masses (well, to Macintosh users) and, perhaps most importantly, Postscript® to the world.

Watch it and tell me it doesn’t make you think of the Republican-led Congress in the post-9/11 era.

In other news, Apple’s “1984” ad was called Best Superbowl ad in the game’s 40-year history:

And doesn’t the script of that ad make you think that George Orwell was wrong only in the fact that he placed it 20 years too soon? 2004 sure felt like 1984.

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