Lovesexy If you’ve never heard “Lovesexy” by Prince, you’ve missed the chance to experience emotional LFEs and ultrasounds, ultraviolet edges and infrared imagery. “What world exists around us that our senses cannot detect?” If you want an answer to that question, ask yourself another question first: “Do I want to know the answer?”

If you answered NO, then leave and don’t come back. You won’t ever be interested in the content I generate. If you’re still with me, get that album and listen.

Snarky little hot-assed bitch that Prince is, the original CD is formated as one track, that lasts 45:03. In other words, the album is all one song, which it kind of is anyway.

The album/song is one portrait after another, one act after another which culminates (to me) in the song/section called “Positivity”. As is usually the case, lyrics alone provide precious little of the true experience of a song, because the magic emanates from fusion of word and melody. But I have to give you something. So here goes:

Shall the court sing together?

In every man’s life there will be a hang-up
A whirlwind designed 2 slow U down
It cuts like a knife and tries 2 get in U
This Spooky Electric sound
Give up if U want 2 and all is lost
Spooky Electric will be your boss

Call People magazine, Rolling Stone
Call your next of kin, cuz your ass is gone
He’s got a 57 mag with the price tag still on the side
Cuzzin’ when Spooky say dead, U better say died
Or U can fly high right by Spooky and all that he crawls 4
Spooky and all that he crawls 4

Don’t kiss the beast
We need love & honesty, peace & harmony
Love & honesty, peace & harmony
I said, hold on 2 your soul, U got a long way 2 go

Don’t kiss the beast
Be superior at least

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