Commercials Are Flowers rocks!

I have emailed eHarmony a few times. Not because I think that matching/dating services are worthwhile (I kinda don’t—you end up with someone too matchy-matchy), but because they had no options for men seeking men or women seeking women and I wanted to annoy them, or at least flush some quail and see if they’d give up anything interesting to shoot at. They kept claiming that all their “scientific data” was based on hetersexual relationship observation. I fired back with asking why they didn’t also collect data for homosexuals, and if there was none, why weren’t they taking the opportunity to collect it?

The ad above is too nice. “Who knows why eHarmony has rejected over a million non-heterosexuals?” Well, it didn’t take me too long to find out that Neil Clark Warren, the big cheese at eHarmony, is an evangelical Christian with former ties to James Dobson—remember Focus on the Family, the whack-job radical right wing political machine? There’s the real reason. Sure, it’s inferential, but hey, that’s just me. Of course the guy isn’t going to validate same-sex relationships. In fact, eHarmony’s own ads use carefully chosen words to shove same-sex relationships out of existence.

My email conversation with them was in 2004. They still haven’t changed their tune nearly four years since.

It gets better, though. Turns out that eHarmony rejects people who are depressed, or who have already been married twice. I smell an agendaaaaaaaaaah!

I never expected the Right Wingers, who were so very crafty way back when, could end up being insuperably stupid. They keep thinking that the hubris and bluster that worked when they owned the entire government can still work. I have yet to see any humility from any of them, even with Bush as their leader…still no humility. Just humiliation.

Anyway, if you buy into these matching services, I highly recommend you try out I know nothing about them, but their commercials having me doing a little bumblebee zig-zag dance.

For more ads from them, click here.

By the way, it’s been my experience that gay men pretty much react to Playboy-type magazines with irony, humor and mostly ennui. But straight men looking at pictorials of nude males? There’s where the big sissy reaction shows up.

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