How Fair This dlroW

Poor Bush Twins Paris Hilton. After just three days, she’s “reassigned” to “home confinement” citing “medical issues”. Other websites have hypothesized that she was simply refusing to eat prison food, so they sent her home.

Not surprising so far, really. Greased palms rarely palpate properly.

But whither the “home confinement”? Technically, she’s limited to 4000-5000 ft from home.

So she’ll just have to have the parties at her house for the next less-than-three weeks. Poor, poor Paris.

It gets better! Her original sentence of 40+ days was going to be reduced to 23 if she showed “good behavior” behind bars. Wouldn’t you say that refusing to eat should be considered ill behavior? I sure would. Even moreso: she showed up just before midnight on Sunday, and was “reassigned” and left the jail in the early hours of Thursday. Let’s do some math: let’s say she left just before 4am this morning (I’m granting her a lot: knowing her, “early hours” meant just after midnight). So that accounts for 4 hours to Monday 4am. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday (I’m counting on my fingers, such is my life). A total of approxminately 3 days, 4 hours. So why did she get “credit” for 5 days of jail?

All of this while those of us without such resources languish at the hands of bureaucratic finger-pointing. Wondering about the title? “Spell the word ‘world’ backwards.” Can you? Then you passed what passes for a test to determine the intactness of your concentration faculties. Hurrah!

Now, I always try to avoid bitterness, at least on this blog. I gave myself a rule way back when, when I started this blog: that everything I publish here remains here. Culpability is the best way to remain a responsible writer.

Maybe I’ve succeeded in avoiding bitterness in these pages in the past? Probably not. Definitely not with the publishing of this entry. I’m sure (??) I’ll brush it off soon enough.

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