Gloria! Gloria!

So Dee lent me the first three seasons of Alias on DVD because, well, it has Bradley Cooper in it.

I’m like that. Don’t you judge me. You don’t know. The geek in me can justify the gawker in me by speaking to the entertainment junkie in me. What does a comedy about chefs and a thriller about double agents have in common? Yes, Bradley Cooper. So the horndog tendency of loving to look at pretty faces gives me a way to watch things I otherwise wouldn’t. I’ve been doing this on netflix for some time, and have discovered plenty of amazing things.

Doctor Who comes to mind, by way of The Producers and various broadway DVDs all because of John Barrowman.

So I’m watching Alias and I gotta tell you, it’s schlocky as hell and full of plot holes and my ability to suspend my disbelief strains at the sloppy dialog and overuse of deus ex machina, but there was a scene in season one (I can’t tell you which episode), where the finest trinity EVAR appeared in a single frame: Victor Garber, Michael Vartin, and yes, Bradley Cooper.

Oh My God Becky.

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* bonus points for whoever can tie together the title of this entry with the content.