Nerd Alert!

So the remote control to the crappy Comcast DVR has two distinct sections to it, and from the side it evokes the profile of the U.S.S. Enterprise from Star Trek. Minus the warp nacelles, of course.

Yes, I know such terminology, and even more. I admit it. I will go even further and say that I “flew” the remote around, mimicking the various shots from the shows and movies. FTP and I talked about this a couple of days ago, and so I’m here to tell you that he’s as nerdy about it as I am.

It’s an overriding kind of thing, my nerdiness about Star Trek (and the classic Enterprises, especially), because I never got into building models of cars or planes or jets or boats, but I have had no fewer than 4 or 5 model kits to build one Enterprise or another. Three of those are still in boxes in my closet because I never got around to actually building them. But I have them, and that’s plenty good enough.

See what I did there? Marrying a love of Star Trek with being naturally subject to static inertia?

But the online Star Trek Store arrives to put the two together in a better way: pre-assembled Enterprise models!


They have the “Khan” version, as seen above, and the original-original Enterprise, arriving soon:


Oh, sweet baby Jesus.

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