“Sanctuary City” is the New Blue

Mitt Romney today referred to certain HOMELAND cities as “Sanctuary Cities”, stating flatly that there are cities in this country which intentionally “harbor” illegal aliens (which in and of itself is a misnomer: it’s not yet illegal to be here without documentation). You know, what Christians (and Mormons, and Catholics) call “our fellow man”.

Why? Because the Republicans are desperate to distinguish themselves from one another. A bunch of old white men who have never suffered discrimination, who, if they’ve ever suffered hardship, have forgotten its lessons of humility and despair and now find their homogenization a political difficulty. Ironic.

If Romney were at all savvy, he’d just wait for Giuliani to implode. He’s well on his way already. But no, Romney sees Rudy on all fours over the bluster of his 9/11 statements insulting real rescue workers and only sees a place where his own claws can gain purchase.

The Bush government have us all so worried about “enemies out there” that it now feels like a feint, distracting the rest of us from the next step: turning the hate inward and directing it at its own populace. First Romney would cut the funding to such “sanctuary cities” and I’m honestly afraid to think of what would happen next.

Did we learn nothing from Rome?

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