Another Passions Moment

If you haven’t heard, Passions is moving to DirecTV. Supposedly they will remove net and iTunes access to the episodes. In response, I’ve been trying to figure out how to keep watching it without the whole shebang of subscribing to DirecTV on top of the Comcast Cable I already have. I’ve considered getting a Slingbox and installing it in my brother’s house back in Pennsylvania so I can watch it over the web. Seriously, I think I need an intervention.

Anyway, beyond the characters in the show pimping and otherwise mentioning “DirecTV” in every other scene, they still manage to go over the top. Tabitha, the town witch (played with gusto by Juliet Mills), walks in on a geriatric, lesbian, S & M couple (two recurring characters, Edna and Norma, the latter of whom talks to her dead father’s skull and wields a hand ax on a regular basis):


Tabitha walks in on them (and this is the first time we find out that Norma is an S & M bottom) and says:

I was Caligula’s party planner, but this! This makes the decadence of Berlin in the 1930s look like some sort of church social!

Gives new meaning to that “slingbox”, doesn’t it?

Later we find out:

Edna: I was giving ‘Normy’ a Brazilian wax!<br/>Tabitha: Like deforesting the Amazon jungle isn’t enough!

Must Find Way To Keep Watching!

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