When ‘Lazy’ Was a Choice

So I wasn’t there at The Willows more than five minutes when I was first ‘woof’d at. The attendant growl and grope were not far behind.

Yes, I’m at Lazy Bear Weekend in Guerneville. Up until two or three weeks ago (I gave up on my Timesense I don’t even know how long ago), because I knew that I’d either have the time or have the money to attend, but not both. Then Fred came to the rescue and offered me a place to stay. Yay, Fred. Yay!

I don’t know why I didn’t figure on my health issues interfering with the usual wonderful time with everyone, but there you go.

I missed out on a good portion of yesterday’s festivities because my old rib injury from the accident in 2005 acted up. Felt like a knife was lodged there, interfering with everything from breathing to—well, there’s nothing else without breathing, is there.

I did have an amazing time on Friday, for hours and hours through the nighttime, which I suppose explains yesterday’s nastiness.

Today I am back to my usual “ribs are there but not painfully there” feeling along with my now-old-situation, tension and migraine headaches banging a shuttlecock back and forth in my big round head.

Will I make it out today? Depends on whether the Vicodin works well enough and the tizanidine doesn’t overachieve. In other words, another Day in the Life.

(by the way, typing on an iPhone is much better than expected even for a full entry like this one)

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