And Sometimes, You Just Have to Have a Laugh

I still maintain that Larry Craig did nothing criminal. In bad taste, maybe. As a U.S. Senator, stupid definitely. But I say it just goes to show you all the significance of the need to physically connect with another human being, regardless of what else is important in your own life. Sure, Bible thumpers will pervert this into a perversion (or for you old-school types, an inversion), but screw ‘em. Ew, or not.

Through Fosco (Fosco Lives! so he claims), I found the end-results of labors of lurrrve by some enterprising and brilliant Photoshoppers. Here’s my favorite, but go look at all 22.

Is anyone here starting to think that the Conservative Big Tent is actually something to do with trousers?


Coming soon (again, ew), Senators Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham!

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