Wah Waah Waaah iPhone Waaaah!

UPDATE: Apple is going to give all earlier iPhone purchasers a $100 store credit, with details to be worked out. What will you buy with your $100?


I haven’t seen so many Whiny McWhiners since I showed up at the Lone Star with a clean-shaven face.

If you haven’t heard, Apple dropped the price of the iPhone a whopping $200 today. The price of iPhonery is now $399. And boy, you’d think Apple pissed in the Cheerios of somewhere very North of 300,000 iPhowners.

They’re also complaining that the iPod touch doesn’t have a hard drive. And that WiFi isn’t everywhere. And that the new iPod nano isn’t svelte enough. And that the new green too Seafoam and not enough Magritte. And that the iPod family doesn’t counteract gravity. And before you ask, no, they don’t cure cancer, either.

Hero Overview 20070905

So the legions of people who decided that the most impressive electronics device EVAR was actually worth $600 to themselves and did so anywhere from June 29 up until 14 days ago have suddenly let Steve Jobs invalidate their choices. Their decisions. Their behavior.

Showcase Ipodnano 20070905

Yeah, and the first memory upgrade I ever bought for any computer was back in 1979 and I paid $99 for 16KB of memory. 16 kilobytes. For the record, the last memory upgrade I bought was about $40 for 512MB of memory. 512 megabytes. Should I extrapolate out and say that in 1979+RAM units, that 512MB would have cost me 32,768 x $99, or $3,244,032. Damn, I got ripped off!

Never mind that that extra 16KB let me explore modes of programming that taught me an enormous number of things at the time. Never mind that eventually the computer that contained that memory was sold, enabling me to buy a Macintosh in 1984, which tripped one dependency after another and led me to having the Mac that I spend $40 upgrading.

Was I wrong that an iPhone in early July was worth $599? No, of course not. Hell, I’ve already gotten that much value out of having one, that much pleasure out of using one, that much entertaining distraction in learning about one.

I’m not claiming to be immune from the legendary Reality Distortion Field. I also know that large corporations are uncaring, unfeeling, unfair when it comes to actual human beings. And Apple is a large corporation. Draw the conclusion.

Apple dropping the price on a luxury item that you yourself chose to buy does not make them evil. It makes them self-interested. Just like you are.

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