The The Mac Sucks Site Sucks

Fake Steve Jobs wrote about a site he thinks Bill Gates is behind. That was bad grammar, I know, but it was fun to type “Bill Gates is behind.”

I’m pointing you at the site because I’m certain that the Mac can stand up to whatever bitter bitchiness they can foist on the world.

Of course, that doesn’t mean I won’t give my opinion on it. And keep in mind, you’re entirely able to make comments to me, but not to the author of that site. You can go through the motions of making a comment there, but the site won’t actually accept them. Or if it does and he/she’s only moderating comments, then there’s no feedback to that effect. All in all, just a trainwreck of a website.

Then there’s the site’s “favicon”. You know, that little icon that shows up in your browser to the left of the URL? Blown up to show “detail”:


What the hell is that? And how difficult is it to clean up 196 8-bit pixels? [UPDATE: The icon is from the Open Source project Joomla. Open source is great for code, but not so much for fit and finish. thanks to Nathan for the find.]

And the site’s beautiful banner graphic:

Header Short

Jesus. I’m no Photoshop expert, but c’mon. How are you NOT going to clean up what looks like water-spots? How did they get there in the first place?

And the coup de grace:

Powered By

No shit.

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