Boys Being Hit On By Boys

It’s been a while since I posted an entertaining google search that led to my page. This one is less entertaining than it is an opportunity to instruct.

The google search states “our son is being hit on by gay boys”.

This one’s really really easy: do the same thing you’d do if straight boys were hitting on a daughter. Period. That’s all there is to it. No polemics, no fundi-fucking the reality of it, just an age-appropriate, context-appropriate response.

Which I think should start with “no, thank you”, if in fact your son does not want their advances. However, you should allow for that contingency no matter what he’s comfortable telling you. And you know, you can reassure him by making sure he understands that it’s ok if he’s gay. You can also support same-sex marriage so that kids growing up in the coming years will be less likely to assume a stigma to being gay in the first place. You can love your kids, like my parents love me.

You’re welcome.

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