Time for Some Beauty

The masthead photo, as you might have noticed, comes from my friend Don Sleeter. He sent me a few pictures, knowing how much I love pictures of the City, especially taken from places I rarely get to (like on the water, or on Treasure Island).

My single favorite view of the City is from the top of Dolores Park, because you get to see the City near in its entire and you’re still within it. Neat trick or existential singularity or just one of life’s many, many happinesses.

As I said, there were other photos he’d sent and there’s one that I would have liked to use but for the odd dimensions required by the MT4 template I’m using. If I ever get facile enough with CSS, I’ll scrap their template entirely and do it all myself. I have a pretty serious NIH syndrome when it comes to certain things, though, oddly, it never gets in the way of my software development work.

Here’s the photo. Click it for the full-sized (i.e., ginormous) image:

San Francisco, the Rainbow City <br/>

Don commented that he pumped up the color a bit in it, which is exactly how San Francisco feels to me, even when a dreary sky blocks a happy sun.

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