Robotic Automobiles

My alma mater, Carnegie Mellon University won the “DARPA Urban Challenge”. A quick description from CMU’s own story:

A self-driving SUV called Boss made history by driving swiftly and safely while sharing the road with human drivers and other robots. The feat earned Carnegie Mellon University’s Tartan Racing first place in the DARPA Urban Challenge.

BossThe team, “Tartan Racing” also has its own site with some pretty cool images of “Boss”, the robotic Chevy Tahow which won the race.

I was a biology geek back then, and far removed from CMU’s Robotics Insistute, but I did attend an ethics of computer science kind of meeting there, and Red Whittaker, team lead for Tartan Racing gave a talk and I was just blown away by the vision he had. He didn’t offer abstract and grand visions of the future, but specifics of what the future of CS and robotics would bring, and damned if he isn’t just following through on everything I can remember.

Nice job, guys.

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