Bring on the Happy

Today was an unexpectedly wonderful day. Not because I didn’t think I’d have a grand time: I was spending it with my friend Stork, whom I’ve known for over twenty years. That part was a given. As was having Sam around up at Stork’s house for a huge meal.

It was a day that invented itself. And how often does that happen? Or maybe better said, how often do you realize that the Good of a good day emerges all on its own? Oh, you can plan, you can stage, but after all the conscious attempts, all you can do is hope that your clunky throw had good aim.

There’s nothing I can call out from the day to corroborate my story, no anecdotes to prop up a storied stage. I’m just left with a mellow and infusion of positivity and a comfort in the acute pacing of my days of late.

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