“Yay!” and “Siiiiigh.”

So Hillary Clinton wins the New Hampshire primaries! Yay! Cuz she’s the one I want to win the Dem nod. I like Obama, but when you go on his being a “regular, likable Joe” as a primary or—gasp!—sole factor, you can end up with a W. And that’s idiotic. Literally.

But reading the CNN story, I came across this paragraph:

Older voters are also overwhelmingly outnumbering younger voters, a proportion that is benefiting Clinton. Sixty-seven percent of Democratic primary voters are over the age of 40, and they are breaking heavily for Clinton over Obama.

GoodLordJesusSkateboardingChrist! I’m an “older voter”.

I thought it was going to require having a President who is younger than I—to be clear: chronologically younger, not emotionally or intellectually (W. again)—to make me feel old, but apparently, I already am.