Finish What You Start

I was at my Korean doctor’s office last Wednesday, as I do every Wednesday. She started the fire jar qi (cupping) right at the off: first the vacuum chambers are placed with vaccuum applied. After a while, she removes each, punctures the skin about 70 or 80 times where the vacuum chamber was, then puts the vacuum chamber back on and applies suction.

No, it’s not painful, but it’s not exactly comfortable either. She started the acupuncture at the same time: also not painful, but not exactly comfortable.

At that point, it’s just a waiting game. Blood leaves the body into half a dozen bounded oblivia proportional in volume and darkness: the worse the pain right there , the darker the blood will be, and there’ll be more of it.

So, the rice was already cooking and the rest of the food just needed reheating, so she started to massage my head, explaining that I could (and should) do this for myself. It wasn’t a massage, like you’d massage your temples if you had a headache. It was a light drumming, staccato fingertips (“not nails!”) over all parts of my head.

She paused, seemingly at the point where she’d demonstrated enough for me to have caught on. I thought she was going to go attend to lunch, but instead she kept going. And going and going and going.

She actually ended up completing the massage, then hurried out of the room to get lunch together muttering, “Boy, you gotta big head!”