iPhone SDK & A Free Agent

Good timing, Apple.

A week short of the release (or announced release) of the iPhone SDK, I’m a free agent. And a pretty damned good Cocoa and UI developer.

Bottom line: my ideas (and products) will be my own.

For being accused over the years as being over-thought, over-wrought, too complex, too demanding, too spineless, too willful, too arcane, too obvious; my worldview can be summed up in a single truth-statement (in my cosm): “Businesses aren’t people.”

Good-bye, Apple. At least for a while, and even then not until I get to work on stuff that I was hired to work on and better immediate management.

Your opinions, folks: have you ever had one of your ‘superiors’ at a job tell you that it’s wrong to ask questions? I did, and disdain-for has followed me since-then.