Voting 2008 & Beyond

Multi-lingual voting sticker


If you didn’t cast a vote today for the simple reason that you couldn’t get off your ass to go do it—in other words, you chose not to go, you’re an idiot.


UPDATE: Polling places all over the Bay Area significantly under-estimated the number of Democratic Ballots (we have closed Primaries here). Considering that they knew ahead of time how many Democrats (and how many Republicans) were registered in each precinct, and considering that voting percentages are up significantly across the state (yay!), none of the precincts underestimated the number of Republicans. That’s just sad, overall. I want the Republicans to get out and vote, too. And as many as possible. After all, you can’t get to 100% turnout without them.

CORRECTION: Only the Republican Primary is closed. The Democratic Primary is semi-open, which means that Independents can choose to vote through the Democratic Primary. And all indicators show that the voter turnout is HUGE, meaning at least 70% turnout. Awesome.