Baby It’s Cold Outside

The Phoenix mission to Mars has been picture perfect so far. It landed only slightly askance from where they’d pinpointed it, but it landed One quarter of one percent degrees off of vertical. Holy crap.<?p>

phoenix_lander1.jpg <br/>

It’s near the north pole, so two things:

  1. It’s frickin’ cold outside, Mr. Bigglesworth.
  2. Lots and lots of life-preserving/sustaining/archiving ice, I hope!

All my life I’ve dreamed of space and have believed all obstacles to be impermanent. So while I can’t say I’m surprised we’ve gone where we’ve gone, it’s just an unbelievably huge thrill to see it, understand it and live with the implications of it.

And if #2 above is true, how will that taste to dogmatics who put Earth at the center of the universe?