A Rachel Ray ad was pulled because she was wearing a scarf.

Yes, you heard me. A scarf.

It’s one of those scarves that all my hippie-dippie friends in high school wore.


Apparently, that crazy-ass bitch Michele Malkin who, being an Asian-American (Japanese Filipino [thanks to JCW], specifically) wrote an entire book justifying the Japanese interment camps during WWII, says that this kind of scarf has been worn by “terrorists” like Yasser Arafat and “popularized” by Muslim extremists. Does she really believe that extremists are also fashionistas? And who’s out there aping their fashion sense? Good lord.

Michele Malkin is seriously fucked up. Beyond fucked up: she clearly has white-envy, clearly has penis-envy, clearly hates everything about herself she works goddamned hard to make sure that white male establishment is reinforced with the idea that non-white females are as inferior as they already believe them to be. Here’s some advice, Michele, from someone who is white, has a penis: you’re still into men, which means the white establishment will find you inferior anyway.

Note to white male establishment: generalities are stupid, especially when based on such a small data set as a single person. Asian females aren’t inferior to you, but Michele Malkin is.

Fucking Rachel Ray; terrorists; scarf. And that adds up to promoting terrorism instead of fucking DONUTS AND COFFEE.

I love Rachel Ray. Love love love. And Michele Malkin? She’s so fucked up she’s barely human. Having said that, I still feel like I’m giving Malkin too much credit.

Let’s lock Malkin up in an interment camp for one. And make her wear a kiffiyeh. And force her to make bukkake porn. Just kidding—someone that self-loathing doesn’t have to be forced.