A Knife, a Fork, a Bottle & a Cork!

Coincidences fall like confetti and festoon my mind like ticker-tape. It almost puts me in a parade mood—almost—but it is doing an admirable job of beating the headaches into submission.

Jeffs and Adams, Vespas and Internet histories. An Italian, a Malaysian, a member of an unfortunate club. Texas!

An Adam breathing life into a Jeff. A Jeff breathing life into an Adam. It’s all so entangled so all of a sudden and I really like it here.

My brain is going to sort through it all on its own. It needs no help from me and in fact, it will do as it will. I have no sway.

So far it’s a maelstrom in reverse, pulling me out of the doldrums and whipping me about in the blustery winds of time and Now.

Exciting, but not scary. Unexpected, but not unwelcome. Unpredictable, but not perplexing.