Couldn’t Call It Unexpected

While I still do worry about that episode I had on Friday, I feel reassured more. Intellectual grokking always comes before emotional, at least so far.

I saw my doctor this morning and she’s forbidden me from calling it “aphasia”. Why? well, the easy answer is: because she said so. The less subjective answer: there’s no indication post-angiogram that anything bad happened. Then she played the age card: you’re 44. It happens.


She knows me so well. She knew me well-enough this morning to tell me that I know enough medical stuff to be dangerous, and she also knew how much I hated question marks when it came to anything health-related. That’s when the gloves came off.

She told me she was pulling no punches when she likened me to a woman who had come in with a pregnancy scare: she’d claim she was only making out with her boyfriend and that her panties stayed on the whole time, but could she possibly be pregnant? Even after a pregnancy test came back she’d swear she might be.

So I’m a non-pregnant woman.

For completeness’ sake, I’m going to have an ECHO and an bilateral carotid arterial ultrasound. Already scheduled the ECHO for tomorrow morning.

Assuming all-clear on both tests, I’m now planning (again) on LA.