On The Road


12:30 - SFO International Terminal. Horrible. Monitors too small and too few. Stairs everywhere. Completely confusing when you first walk in: One monitor attached to each Aisle instead (and at the sides, not the endcaps) of a central one or two to direct you properly.

15:15 - Virgin America Flight 1847 to LAX, Seat 8A. At first I hated the purple lighting, but it worked on me after awhile. It felt more peaceful and cooler. Of course, that could have been the little AC sphincter above me. Large amount of legroom in the exit row, but the tray doesn’t pull up close enough to use a MacBook Pro on it comfortably. Boo.

17:26 - Alta Cienega Motel, West Hollywood. In the Jim Morrison “suite”! Yes, this is the room where Jim Morrison lived for two whole years. And I’m in it right now. No sign of ghosts, which makes me believe that Jim Morrison is not dead! Shut up, my logic is undeniable.

17:36 - Still here. There are exactly three doors here in this “suite”. Hmmm…The Doors minus the three doors here = Jim Morrison! My logic is undeniable. Where are my sunglasses? There’s a CVS across the street. I can see it from my window. WWJMD? I’ll have to buy another pair before my head explodes from all this sunlight. Where is my smog salvation?

17:41 - Still still here. I added my own graffiti to the walls. The Ethels & The Toll. Also? I ironed a shirt that doesn’t bother staying ironed. At least the collar might stay okay.

19:15 - Ciao - My third viewing. First viewing in the City, with Alessandro next to me on my left Second viewing in Berkeley, solo because I needed it to be that way. Third viewing for me.

••• <br/>

Ok, so I was going keep going here, but I had a blast and with such great people that I don’t even want to go back and extract details. At least not just yet.

I will say this: I slept like the dead (pun intended) and woke up well-rested. Will wonders never cease?