The Jim Morrison Suite

If I was going to make a trip to LA, I knew immediately that it would have to be a vacation on-the-cheap. At first I thought it would be a little upscale to stay at the WeHo Ramada, but then a friend (Hi, Matt!) told me that that Ramada was the Beck’s Motor Lodge of West Hollywood.


So there were two “motels” (the name always reminds me of family vacations in 1969-1972) in the area. Both motels—the Alta Cienega and the Holloway Motel—were right there in the middle of it all, but when I researched each of them, there were comments about them being basic, clean, cheap; but there were also off-the-charts castigations of each.

So that was a wash. Then I found it: The Jim Morrison Suite. The motel room that Jim Morrison lived in for two whole years, serendipitously the same years that my family and I stayed in motels on frequent trips to the beach. So that felt right, in a kind of teleo-temporal kind of way (no, I don’t know what I mean either).

Yes, I mentioned this before, but now I’m showin’ pictures!

<br/> <br/> IMG_0627.JPG <br/> <br/>

I posted a whole web gallery via MobileMe (née .Mac). For your edification. Oh and let me add, whoever posted that the “old Chinese woman” at the Alta Cienega was evil or in any way horrible, suck it. She was totally awesome. I checked in closer to 5pm and I interrupted her making dinner and seemingly overall very busy, but she was kind and smiling and helped me out. I’d asked her for a clothes iron and she offered to bring it up to my room—and did, about 10 minutes after I got there.

<br/> Web Gallery Images of the Jim Morrison Suite