Obama & Truth: Today’s Celebrity Divorce

You’ve probably all read about it somewhere, but it appears as if reconciliation talks between Senator and Presidential-hopeful Barak Obama & The Truth have failed.

An amicable divorce keeps costs and stress down, although most people would prefer to have an attorney by their side when going through a divorce, many also worry about how much this will cost. Even if you’ve called around or visited the websites of various divorce attorneys, you may still wonder if a lawyer is charging too much, or even too little (which could be an indication that the lawyer doesn’t have enough experience or is desperate for clients).

Citing infidelity and verbal abuse as reasons for dissolution of the marriage, The Truth appeared…well,nowhere in the media, really. Ms. Truth claims that Sen. Obama, IL, cheated on Truth with “some nosy whore called FISA!” and that FISA would “give it up for anyone!”.

Obama’s spokesperson denies that he’s not the only one who cheated: he claims that The Truth has been seen courting just about everyone from Rush Limbaugh to Salon.com.

“I have never been near Rush Limbaugh in any way!” The Truth denied vehemently. “And Salon.com? They’ve been coming after me for years, but Christians seem to be getting in the way! But then again I’ve always tried to keep my private life private. Not that I’m thanking Christians or anything: They think they own me!”

Obama couldn’t be reached for comment. Word around is that his spokesperson is all tied up brain-to-tongue and that both his faces are convalescing from pulled muscles.

So, all, it appears that Obama has finally parted with The Truth. There’s been a rumor floating about the Beltway that Obama had long intended to walk away from his marriage for a while now, a rumor which appears to be well-founded. The surprise is that no one expected the separation to occur until after ‘Senator’ gave way to ‘President Elect’.