Apple Rocks

Today I took my ailing AirPort Extreme Basestation to an Apple Store.


Somewhere around the time I updated its firmware to version 7.3.2, the Basestation would randomly (every hour or so) restart itself. During the restart, of course, the internet connection is severed and the wireless goes silent.

Frustrating, that’s what it was. I made the appointment on Thursday evening for this morning (Monday) because I didn’t want to have to get in a longer queue. You’d be surprised how no-line it is 30 minutes before the mall opens on a Monday morning.

Friday I’d gone to Best Buy to get an interim router (or not so interim if things didn’t go well at the Apple Store). It was a Belkin. I love Belkin. But the router was at the low end ($34.99), but it did do 802.11g (no n) and it had three ethernet ports.

It took me hours to get going. If it wasn’t one thing it was another, and most of those nothers were related to the fact that it appears my cable modem has no reset switch (you should reset a broadband modem every time you switch out the device to which it’s directly attached), pulling the plug and restoring power didn’t help out the Belkin router either.

After looking further/deeper, I saw that the telephone jack never lost its connection. Turns out there’s a battery in the thing (to keep the phone connection alive in a power outage). I unplugged it, yoinked the battery out for a moment and put it back, and then plugged it all in.

After at least 90 seconds, nothing was going on so I went to get a drink of water. When I came back, the router was working!

You could blame the cable modem, but my lovely, lovely AirPort Exteme didn’t need such cable-voodoo nor did it need so much time to sync and establish a connection.

Anyway, the new router is/was sssssslllllooooowwww. Oh, it was plenty fast once a download started, but for some reason it is dog slow when it comes to DNS lookups. Doesn’t it cache any?

Back to the Apple Store. I went to the Genius Bar and immediately there was a genius there. I told him that I’d covered every possible contingency when I was debugging the whole shebang, told him I’m actually good at this kind of stuff, told him that problems started around the time I updated the firmware to 7.3.2.

He’d also seen on the net that some AEs ended up corrupted after that update. He excused himself and came back with a brand spanky new AirPort Extreme!

In and out in under ten minutes!

Man, that just made my day. I went from worrying I’d have to spend money I didn’t have to having a fresh start with my router. It’s back, it’s beautiful and although it’s equally functional on Mac or PC, it does things it can when it can. I prefer that to having to wait for Windows and Microsoft.

Oh, and PS: Noelbear? You probably should have ignored this entry because we “church folk” are so tedious. 🙂