Go, Joe!

cover_jb.jpgI’m sooooo happy that it’s going to be Joe Biden on the ticket with Obama!

Even though it feels like Senator Obama made the choice so that he could have someone else do the dirty work while the good Senator keeps himself squeaky clean.

Kinda cowardly.

But the fact that Biden will have a high soapbox for a few months on a national stage makes me very, very, VERY happy.

I love that man. I think he’s the best chance of bringing candor into the mix. And I think that’s the only way to escalate far past the pitiful (oh, am I allowed to say that to a saint veteran?) John McCain.

Who really believes he’s all for anything but keeping the status quo? You really think someone like that is all for alternative energy? All for technology? (I heard he learned how to google something a couple of weeks ago).

I think Joe Biden will aggravate enough people on the other side of the aisle that we’ll finally see some gloves come off and there will be enough slips of the tongue from them that their xenophobic backwards asses will be exposed. Remember “Barney Fag”?

Go Joe!

Now I actually have a proactive reason to vote for Obama. Y’know, instead of just “he ain’t McCain”.