Get [to] Mortified!

Last night I went with Paul-Boom to see the Mortified SF show.

Not only was it a further extension of the weird and wonderful linkage of coincidences starting with Yen Tan reading DogPoet and finding my blog all the way up to one of the stars of Ciao, Adam Neal Smith leading the band in the show called Mortified down in LA.

The gist of the show: people volunteer to read their childhood-teenage journals, diaries, speeches, plays…any kind of writing they did back then. They read their actual, original pieces. This is not about memories, it’s about reading actual documents from back then, whenever “back then” happened to be.

It’s a strange set of emotions when you’re sitting there being entertained by someone exposing their childhoods to you. You sympathize—maybe even empathize as well—and you laugh at it both at the same time. It’s like laughing, feeling guilty about laughing and the laughing at having felt guilty. In any event, it’s exhausting laughing so much for 90 minutes.

Mortified, if you follow that link, has expanded in a grass-roots kind of way to SF and a bunch of other cities. If you’re lucky enough to be in one of those, get your ass there for the next show. Srsly.

It’s even funner to go with someone whose got an out-sized sense of humor. Y’know, like Eric.

So go. In San Francisco, it’s held at the Makeout Room near 22nd and Mission.