John McCain’s VP Choice

Seemingly figuring that it’s finally not in the advantage to be a white male with a white male running mate in the 2008 Presidential Election, John McCain has apparently consulted with the Exec Producers of the maudlin-yet-effective the 2004 Republican National Convention to find a 2008-suitable candidate.

Now, if you’re asking why a 2008 candidate is looking to 2004, just consider the party in question (questionable?): any first-order direction they set sail for is going to point backwards.

So the Exec Producers seem to have come up with a winner! Yes, seemingly so!

  • it’s a woman (ish)!
  • it’s no so much a person as a true Phenomenon!
  • while not in the running in 2004, she was effective in helping a lame candidate become a lame duck!

Who is this marvel of a woman(ish)? Her name: Nina Leven.

True, at one point she was a remarkably evocative creature. Everyone rallied around her to the point of truly (albeit temporarily) overriding bipartisanship. At one point, everyone had a profound respect for her. Many even feared her. Whatever the reaction, the point is that everyone had a reaction to Nina Leven.

What McCain seems to have forgotten (she is as big as a house) is that you really can’t dip into the same well twice. Or 78 times…depending on if you count RNC 2004 as a single instance or single out every mention of her name.

The Exec Producers must have already told McCain that she’d been whored out for the sake of Bush & Cheney 2004, but McCain doesn’t seem to listen. I guess he prefers to remember her when there was respect towards her.

Sorry if I’m ruining the surprise for everyone, I know there’s a huge (rolling eyes) build-up of suspense to McCain’s choice of VP. I just have to do my patriotic duty and do the expansive, decent thing and help McCain avoid a huge pitfall in spite of the fact that I’m voting for not-McCain Biden Obama and remind him how his predecessors whored the fuck out of her.

I remember an old joke about how to recondition an old whore, but it’s not very kosher.