Republicans Grateful to Pro-Choice Movement

In a supreme irony, the Republicans are eminently grateful for having in place a woman’s right to choose what happens to her own body.

Sound strange? I suppose, but only at first blush.

Now that the Republicans are parading around their newest canonical Pro “Life” (yeah, right) hero, Sarah Palin, I have to admit even I am surprised at how grateful the right-wingers are in having in place the right of women to choose their own reproductive destinies.

It begs the question: how many new supporters does the McCain/Vagina 2008 campaign have in place for no reason other than that Democrats and other Progressives have long fought for Choice? Probably quite a few.

The fact that none of them are willing to admit the benefits (to them politically, be they male or female)? Probably none of them. This is quite telling.

Even as all these misguided right-wingers (Department of Redundancy Department Alert!) cheer on the choice that Sarah Palin made to carry to term her pregnancy despite horribly unfortunate results of prenatal genetic testing. The fact that none of them is willing to thank the actual legal ability to choose whether or not to carry to term bespeaks the simplistic, cartoonish lack of thought processes going on when it comes to abortion. Their unwillingness to give credit where due rings of extraordinary cowardice and duplicity.

I see the word “evil” used in many places—and this is only from a smattering of supposedly well-intentioned blogs. Abortion? Evil. Pro Choice movement? Evil. Pro Death Penalty? Evi—oh, wait.

The mindset on display in this 2D dog and pony show betrays a genuinely scary pattern: There is Good; there is Evil. Nothing more and nothing less.

Experts of basic logic will quickly point out the either-or fallacy standing on end with its neck broken: logic is Evil, after all, because it attempts to usurp God and Her Followers.

But there are no Evils and no Goods. What’s Evil to you is of benefit to those who supposedly perpetrate it. What’s Good to you, personally, can intrude on your person and your ability to be happy…even down to your ability to feel equal and free.

Right-wingers think they’re doing Good Works when they spend so much money on “protecting marriage” which, well, could be better spent invested into the so-called “faith-based initiatives”. “FBI” is gonna come back and bite them on the ass one day, you’ll see.

When you vanquish Evil, does that mean that what comes of its defeat is necessarily Good? When you stop Evil, does Good spring up in its place? Not necessarily, of course: there are plenty of things out there which are neither good nor bad. A victory over Evil results in a lack of Evil.

Does the Lack-Of-Evil == Good? No, of course not.

Pro Birthers are quite fond of referring to abortion as murder. Murder is a legal thing, so on the literal level, they’re lying (if you assume they know that abortion isn’t illegal). Are there news stories out there celebrating McCain’s not having murdered anyone today?

What it all comes down to here is that the Right-wingers champion Sarah Palin for choosing not to abort. In doing so, they’re abusing the rights that liberals have worked so hard to preserve.

If abortion were not legal, Palin would not be getting celebrated for having chosen “correctly”.

My opinion on the Choice question? I have no idea what it’s like to be a female when it comes to reproduction; no male does. I have heard every Pro Birth argument in the world and none sway me. I invite any Pro Birther to make a science/biology case for their opinion. Just expect to fail—there are finite arguments based on science to justify removing reproductive rights and I’ve heard all of them. I’ve even made them, but that was years ago before I pulled the stick out and started looking at the whole thing with human compassion and decency and admitted my limits and failings.

So be thankful today, Pro Birthers, that Palin didn’t abort. Give real thanks by giving real money to researchers of Down’s. Help make it a thing of the past by helping to develop techniques that would correct genetic defects.

Or would that be wrong because then “91-93%” of Down’s births would never happen?