Sarah Palin Swallows…

…terminal consonants.

And is it only me that it rankles?

It’s bad enough that we have a nuke-yuh-lur President, and this is more than some kind of tight-assed annoyance. Ferchrissakes, even the bubble-bauble heads of what passes for serious newscasts in this country must iron out their backwoods accents in order to be clearly understood by the general public.

But there’s Sarah Palin’s accent seemingly from everywhere that’s a nowhere, everywhere that has an interstate exit and a Walmart, trying to be taken seriously by everyone.

There are actually people that prefer Palin because she’s some kind of Jo six-pack. Is she really? She likely wouldn’t be a recipient of the Obama-proposed middle-class tax cuts, with her family’s annual income clocking in around $250,000.

Do average Americans really go mayoring around small towns proselytizing music teachers with stories of dinosaurs and human beings living together in a Flinstones-esque diorama comprised of Fundamentalist yarns? Do average Americans, when getting sips of power in their lives try to translate such power into banning books?

I’m not making a very compelling argument here, am I?

What ever was the likelihood that someone like her—who can’t even commit to identifying what newspapers and magazines she’s read over the years to stay in touch with the news of the world from her snowy, cartoonish perch in Wasilla—could even be a panegyrist, much less tilting towards monarch?

And why can’t she name a major Supreme Court case besides Roe v. Wade?

What kind of potential President is this person when she’s afraid of commitment?

How is it that McCain is running on all his governmental experience in accusing Obama of being too new, while dopey-folksy Palin spins an age-insult towards Joe Biden into how fresh and new-to-Washington she is?

Sometimes I think she doesn’t even realize she’s lying. And trust! She lies.

Most people think that Tina Fey is spot-on in her impersonation of Palin; truth be told, when you watch enough of the real Palin, you’ll realize that Fey is improving on the original.

I’d even go so far as to say that Fey’s Palin is more candid in parody than Sarah’s Palin is in real life.

She’s a cow; she’s not ready; she’s offensive.

And she’s riding into the VP Debate with the absolute lowest expectations ever seen for a VP candidate.

How unlikely would this have been even 10 years ago? As Rachel Maddow said, it’d be “as unlikely as a caveman riding a dinosaur chasing a unicorn”.

Rachel Maddow is more qualified to be VP than Sarah Palin.

Nanny-Nanny Poo-Poo!

Boehner’s flip flop today redefines the very words “flip flop”.

Nancy Pelosi overspoke, stupidly on her part, but really, did the Republicans just get pissy and take it out on the entire economy?

I think they did.

Here’s Boehner’s boner:

First he says: “If I didn’t think we were on the brink of an economic disaster, it would be the easiest thing to say no to this,” Boehner said. But he said lawmakers needed to do what was in the best interest of the country.

After listening to Pelosi’s factually correct “partisan” speech:

House minority leader John Boehner, R-Ohio, said after the vote that passage would have been possible if it had not been for Pelosi’s “partisan speech.”

So he was insulted and so he pissed all over the U.S. economy.

My favorite, though, is a conservative Republican from the great planet state of Texas, Rep. Jeb Hensarling. He opened his douche-nozzle of a mouth and said:

“The relevant test is, when you look at the good in the bill, when you look at the bad in the bill—does it take America in a direction that you believe America should go? By that test, Madam Speaker, I will vote no on this legislation.[…]”

Everything changes, Mr. Hensarling. Everything. The only constant is Change. In the face of that, attempting to thwart it is con “I fear that ultimately it may not work. I fear that it is too much bailout and not enough work out. I fear that taxpayers may end up inheriting the mother of all debts,” he added.

What Mr. Hensarling is really saying is that he prefers the past over any future and that he’s willing to tramp Americans down in the dirt rather than accept the fluid, relative nature of the universe. America isn’t Absolute. America isn’t a democracy. America swims in technology not even dreamed of just twenty years ago.

Everything changes.

Hawk, Heralding

A hawk cries:
Commander approaches.

In place we are I am
I step they step we step.

We stand they stand I stand
Elevated, beneath the hawk.

A forest where trees stand
Where trees hide, where we hide.

In elevation I am uprooted, higher
I fear looking down.

The hawk cries:
Commander approaches.

I move it moves we move.
In elevation I am uprooted.

Commander approaches.

Syllogistic Sloppiness

McCain directly offered that the USA has, in fact, been torturing prisoners.

To avoid accusation of an out-of-context clip, I’m quoting the whole thought/paragraph:<br/><br/>

So we have a long way to go in our intelligence services. We have to do a better job in human intelligence. And we’ve got to — to make sure that we have people who are trained interrogators so that we don’t ever torture a prisoner ever again.

Seeing as how there’ve been four “wars” after WW2 when the Geneva Convention was formulated, he couldn’t have meant anything other than recent events, whereby ‘recent’ I mean post-GC.

If one has stopped an activity, then that activity was stoppable, therefore it was occurring.

So McCain—who belabors every point that he knows the military and knows what’s going on in the military—confesses that this country has been torturing prisoners.

Thanks for the information. Huge, heartfelt props for the candor.<br/><br/>


Apropos of nothing other than the Cowardly Liar’s track record: “maverick” is not a term that one uses on one’s self. It’s a judgment of one or more people that’s directed at a third party. Saying “I’m a maverick” is tantamount to “I’m buying into my own mythos.”

You can’t stand up there in front of a planetary audience having been n a powerful legislative body (perhaps the most powerful) for twenty-six years, follow the special rules into forming and heading a campaign, only to stand at podia with a running made, obeying all the forms of the particular forum of debate and call yourself a maverick.

It’s untoward! It’s not toward!

McCain’s Flop-Flop

Is it just me, or does McCain really need to hire P.T. Barnum as a Campaign Advisor?

In what can only be described as a pathetically amateur bit of legerdemain, the McCain Campaign keeps taking these orthoganal safaris in order to distract the voting public from the fact that he’s boring and souless.

First, there’s Palin. The McCain Campaign was moribund until he flashed Caribou Barbie to the world and sent the fact-sniffing media chasing after the details of the unknown (and undeservedly so) Sarah Palin. To keep the investigative journalists chasing after ethereal trivia about her, the sexist campaign treats Palin like a “little lady” by “protecting” her from the real world.

I have to say I can understand why they keep her sequestered, because no matter how intelligent and successfully-manipulative she is, she chooses to use her talents to spin her lackings instead of actually addressing her lackings.

For god(dess)’ sake, she believes the only reason to have a passport is to be the child of rich parents who can afford to send her off backpacking in Europe! How fucking stupid is she?

So what has Mr. Coward Moron accomplished recently?

  1. He “suspended” (without actually suspending) his campaign to be a patriot.
  2. He swanned into DC to “help”, but who was he helping?
  3. His egoic insertion into the Congressional proceedings did nothing but disrupt the entire thing.
  4. His egoic insertion into the “bailout” did nothing but rile up the House Republicans to risk the well-being of the entire nation just so they could get some attention in a national forum.
  5. Aside: insecure bottoms generally make noise that they’re not really bottoms.
  6. He lied about his conditions for the Debate.
  7. He lied about suspending his campaign.
  8. He lied about the reasons for his participation in Washington.

And finally? I think he needed an excuse to take a rest in the campaigning. He lied to all of us, he lied to David Letterman.

He’s a fucking liar.

An Agreeable Obama

It was pointed out that Obama had “agreed” a lot with McCain, but what it really was was candid (perhaps too candid) acknowledgement of agreement on some of the points he made.

But what I want you to pay attention to is future behavior: expect that the Pro-McCain camp will soundbite every instance of “I agree…” and spool it out as a series of agreements on major points.

Just watch the Dowding of Truth by the Right once again.

UPDATE: I really hate being right, sometimes. I always wish the comments I make on harsher things are wrong because I’m a man very much in favor of statemanship over gamesmanship and certainly anything in the world over chowderheaded brinkmanship.

Before McCain left the stage of the debate, his shallow, literalist campaign posted a video to YouTube:

The first time I watched this video, it was so quick to be posted that McCain didn’t even have a chance to approve of it. But obviously that grumpy, ugly man did, finally.

What a pig. Is it latent Stockholm Syndrome on his part?

Anyway, what to take away from this about McCain’s Campaign? That his campaign would claim “victory” for McCain no matter how he performed or fared.

Nice folks, huh?

Did The President Just Interfere With A Presidential Election?

There’s no good reason for McCain to suspend his campaign, unless you view it from the what’s-good-for-McCain angle.

He’s declining in the polls. He’s old and he needs a rest (which bodes oh-so-well for a McCain presidency). Since the razzle-dazzle of the Palin fiasco seemed to work for a while with a stupid populace needing more Shiny-Shiny™ in their lives, he’s going for another one. The Republican caucus in Congress desperately needs to keep reminding people they matter.

He’s a coward. And he’s probably damn near the point where he’s about to have not enough of his soul left in his body to keep bartering with.


Cain didn’t bother to inform the Obama campaign about his plans before he announced it to the world. When Nancy Pfotenhauer was asked why McCain snubbed the Obama campaign (an honorable person would have done so—McCain is dishonorable), her reply, with unconvincing incredulity was along the lines of Do you really think it was a snub?


But last night when President Bush devoted a whole fourteen minutes to describing the financial system that so fucked up this country, he said,

There is a spirit of cooperation between Democrats and Republicans and between Congress and this administration. In that spirit, I’ve invited Senators McCain and Obama to join congressional leaders of both parties at the White House tomorrow to help speed our discussions toward a bipartisan bill.

Did the President just interfere with a Presidential Campaign?

Yes, he did.

He inserted himself into McCain’s “plan” in a ridiculous attempt to lend validation to McCain’s cowardly act.

Bush also make an attempt at relevancy for himself, more than suggesting that he had some stake in the bipartisan-ness of the whole thing. Mr. President? The Congress is led by Democrats. They’re setting the pace because that’s what a Majority does—unless it’s a Republican majority…then they just shut out Democrats and take out Contracts on America.

What are the punishments for interfering with a Federal Election? Probably nothing in this case, because they’re awfully (and I do mean awful-ly) good at letting themselves off the hook.

It’s On!

I’m so glad I was wrong. Here’s your God of Biscuits making it right.

Obama responded to McCain:

With respect to the debates, it’s my belief that this is exactly the time when the American people need to hear from the person who, in approximately 40 days, will be responsible for dealing with this mess. And I think that it is going to be part of the president’s job to deal with more than one thing at once. I think there’s no reason why we can’t be constructive in helping to solve this problem and also tell the American people what we believe and where we stand… So in my mind, actually, it’s more important than ever that we present ourselves to the American people and try to describe where we want to take the country and where we want to take the economy.

In other words, McCain starts on a losing trend (granted, a bad one) and he wants to bail on his efforts to be the President.

Obama stays the course, you McCain-camp turds.

If you doubt this, just note what McCain’s Senior Aide let slip today on MSNBC. When asked why McCain can’t multitask, “and isn’t that part of the job description of being POTUS?”, she answers that McCain is prioritizing.

But prioritizing isn’t what he’s doing. Priortizing requires having multiple things at play and choosing which are more important than others. McCain is halting everything else so that he can do just the one thing.

But Obama called it that way, and that makes me happy.

Total Aside: Bill Clinton is on TV and used the word “vicissitude”. Can you imagine Bush going near that kind of thing?