Rachel, O Rachel!

Tonight I was watching Rachel Maddow, like I do every weeknight, and then I saw him. Him.


Glenn_greenwald_portrait.jpg Glenn Greenwald.

First of all, two giant brains in the same room.

I’m sure it’s quite a big studio, but when two such intelligent people are in the same space, it always seems like the room’s just not big enough.

I don’t know about you folks, but doesn’t every evening feel so much better these days, where you watch TV and you’re not left with fear and despair, where you watch the smarties and they’re out there with intent, with deliberateness and with moxie and initiative instead of just chasing after the stupid, ruinous, careless, dangerous trail of crumby and crummy error after error trying to set straight so many big (and little) lies and stupidities that they just look haggard and defeated?

Plus…I just can’t believe how damned adorable Gleen Greenwald is. I hate that that intrudes on paying attention to the amazingly incisive things bandied back and forth between two such intellectual heavyweights, but there it is, I said it.

He’s beautiful. And he makes me reconsider wanting to be a lesbian after all.