Questionable Aims, Very Bad Aim

This is very upsetting.

Some cowards took to the Castro and vandalized the Most Holy Redeemer Church in the Castro in San Francisco:



<br/><br/> Any other Roman Catholic building in the entire City I might have had mixed feelings about, but Most Holy Redeemer? You stupid fucks have no idea what you’re doing.

Do you have any sense of history?

This is the problem I have with protesters, radicals, reactionaries. No sense of history and their place in it. No sense of respect for anything. No sense of subtlety or honor.

Contrarian doctrinaires have no room for thought, much less forethought.

But hey, you vandals got your adrenaline fix, you fucking junkies. Never mind whether or not you pushed any cause forward or not, you got your own jollies.

Just in case you’re keeping score—and I know you’re not—you set us back.

Dumb fucks.