Middle-aged Spread

You may or may not have noticed, but the blog has spread out a little. I’ve added a hundred or so pixels to the width of this column in the blog.

I tried 200 pixels, but the font size is too small for lines that long, so I trimmed it back. And no, I don’t want to up the font size, though of course you may do that on your own—that’s always been part of the browser spec.

Why did I do it? Well, it’s a necessary first step in being able to accommodate YouTube’s new widescreen format for videos, but that’s not really it because this blog’s always been about me me me me ME! (that’s also why I went independent instead of joining that self-satisfied comment-hell of a bear-echo-chamber, ELL-JAY!)

Another change, which has yet to materialize but which I intend to work on: Facebook seems to be sapping a lot of my energy in sips, updating status and commenting hither and thither and I’ve been writing less, both here and elsewhere and that needs to find some better balance.

Success on this front will be obvious.

Or? Tumbleweeds and crickets…