Office Visit: Lisa Capaldini

JEFF: I love coming here, being here. It’s just too bad that the reason to come here isn’t ever…

LISA: What?

JEFF: Good.


JEFF: You come here because something’s wrong. It’s a doctor’s office. But I love being here.

LISA: Because you come here to get well.

JEFF: NO! Because you’re here. Because of you. Because of me. Because WE are here. Because it’s US. Because of fifteen years. Because of all of this.

LISA smiles

JEFF: As far as all this, what’s going on. It’s not a thinky thing this time, and that’s new for me. It’s a take it as it comes along, like we talked about last time, like how I can have the happiest memory in the world about Allen and it lives side by side with the most horrific memory I own, and one doesn’t affect the other. Paradox and Two Truths and all that, like you said. That’s what has to happen again. It all has to be integrated so that a memory one thing from the past five years, good or bad, doesn’t pull the sky down on top of me unexpectedly.

LISA: Very Zen.

JEFF: Very San Francisco.

LISA: Very Beginner’s Mind. I like it.

We walk out of the exam room.

JEFF: San Francisco has had her way with us all, hasn’t she?

LISA: Yes she has, many times.

JEFF: We’re cheap dates.

LISA: Speak for yourself.

Lisa enters another exam room and closes the door.