Weekly Tweets: 2010-05-30

  • is staking Sam Merlotte. #
  • can still hear with the volume turned to "0" when watching True Blood Season 2 Episode 12: "Beyond Here Lies Nothin'" #
  • brought home a snack to eat while watching True Blood Season 2 Episode 6: "Hard-Hearted Hannah" #
  • @danielpunkass I don't think the Chinese govt would ever allow Apple to own a compan in China and run it with its own rules. Sadly. in reply to danielpunkass #
  • Dear Starbucks: Instant Coffee was ALWAYS a Bad Idea. STILL IS. Did anyone else see that shark jump the coffee mug? #via #readybrew #
  • @giangui Of course! I love my baby! Opalescent Blue P200E. It's the one I had the accident on. But it's in better shape than I am 🙂 in reply to giangui #
  • WWDC Session 205 - Mac OS X: Can't Touch This #
  • WWDC Session 101: iPhone Development for iPhone Developers #wwdc #
  • Granted, it's been well over 2 years since the scoot's been in the shop (1979 Vespa P200E), but total cost of today's repairs/maint: $707.90 #
  • WWDC prediction: iPhone4 gets blocks and GCD so there WILL be lots more 10.7 news than expected and it will be all about unified runtimes #
  • @sanguish no prob in reply to sanguish #
  • @danielpunkass The "or not" was superfluous". 😉 in reply to danielpunkass #
  • @eschaton Thanky! 🙂 in reply to eschaton #
  • i was hoping for aliens /// RT @wilshipley: My house looks like something from X-Files right now. http://yfrog.com/12e6cj #
  • @dlpasco yep. thanks for the correction in reply to dlpasco #
  • @sanguish i could dig up a first gen iPhone of mine if you still need a phone for wwdc. byo SIM card. #
  • @jsnell sorry in reply to jsnell #
  • @tewha I'm guessing "Unforeseen" on the slide, by rights, should have been in a MUCH bigger font size. 😉 in reply to tewha #
  • @fraserspeirs It requires access to iTunes Connect. it's a new portal within it. in reply to fraserspeirs #
  • @tewha no, i was only saying that Apple introduced limitations on developers 26 yrs ago & *those* limits created consistent 3rd party UIs in reply to tewha #
  • Objective C#! Anyone? Anyone? RT @drance: OK so Ballmer is out. But they didn't mention Visual Studio!!! #
  • @mattgemmell Those Pogo things are brilliant. Especially in combo with Brushes app. in reply to mattgemmell #
  • @SteveStreza The original Mac dev restrictions were by fiat: with only 128K RAM, you *had to* use the Toolkit in the 64KROM. in reply to SteveStreza #
  • gEvil.com: The domain gEvil.com may be for sale by its owner! #
  • AllardBach? RT @brentsimmons: If not Ballmer, I wonder who Microsoft is going to send? #
  • @jsnell byo SIMcard #
  • @jsnell I think I could scare up one of my 1st gen iPHones, if you still need a phone during wwdc. #
  • WTF do u mean, dickwad? RT @bynkii: is it just me or do devs have tendency to be really, thin-skinned, w/love of personalizing *everything*? #
  • Front row would need tarps. RT @SteveStreza: sad it’s not happening. RT @jdalrymple: I think Ballmer at WWDC would be the funniest shit[…] #
  • @tomlenk Sorry: Harold and Kumar v. Maude: The *BATTLE* for BFF! (sounds better with alliteration) 😉 in reply to tomlenk #
  • @tomlenk How about Harold and Kumar vs. Maude: The Fight for BFF? in reply to tomlenk #
  • @tewha novel use of bdlive with tie-ins to facebook and twitter in the blu-ray set, too in reply to tewha #
  • @tewha series 2, $40 from amazon. in reply to tewha #
  • can still hear with the volume turned to "0" when watching True Blood Season 2 Episode 8: "Timebomb" #
  • @tewha series 2 just came out on Tuesday on Blu-ray. I saw it when it aired, tho. and Yeah, it's awesome. in reply to tewha #
  • is forgoing hunting to watch True Blood Season 2 Episode 3: "Scratches" #
  • Trying out True Blood Blu-ray's FB & Twitter integration. Yes, you heard that right. #
  • I LOVE being/working in Downtown San Francisco! #

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My Letter to Senator Jim Webb

Senator Webb:

I find your reasoning for voting against the DADT Repeal to be disingenuous at best and cowardly at worst.

You believe it’s appropriate to leave it up to current active heterosexual military personnel and their families to impress their own prejudices upon the decision-making process of the United States Military? That the bigotry of one group of people should in any way hold sway over the future careers, well-being and very lives of other human beings?

You’re making the same arguments that Rand Paul has been making these last couple of weeks.

Why is it that that occasionally we are treated to you standing tall on television and talking up the value of honor, duty and respecting the chain of command and now, frankly, you completely reverse yourself and turn into the Today’s Biggest Hypocrite and hand off the Big Decision to the foot soldiers—LITERALLY!—when it comes to whether bigotry should be allowed to persist in the US Military?

Are our soldiers so fragile, Sir?

Did not President Harry Truman go through these same trials, overcome these same obstacles, same arguments with respect to desegregation?

And why did he do it?

In the face of being accused of performing social experiments with the US Military, of playing games with unit cohesion and weakening troop strength, he did it because this country must remain something worth defending.

Are we a country of freedom and fairness, Sir? Or are our troops out there continuing to defend a country that’s perfectly content to punish those of its own defenders because of nothing but indefensible bigotry?

How much better would the never-declared war in Iraq have gone had we not short-sightedly, STUPIDLY, dishonorably discharged language translators because they were gay?

I used to respect you.

You’ve lost my respect.

Were I a Virginian, you’d have lost far more, Sir: you’d have lost my vote.


Jeffrey Barbose

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  • Misleading commercials: @Rhapsody 2010 and STILL you need Windows to use Rhapsody on your iPhone, iPad, iPods? Idiots. #
  • Sardines in Lousiana Hoti Sauce and great hunks of bread for dinner tonight. #
  • Brilliant. /// RT @_ado: Check and fix your Facebook privacy settings with this awesome bookmarklet: http://www.reclaimprivacy.org/ #
  • U think Sarah Palin actually carries ID when she travels with her entourage within the USA? An enterprising cop should ask: Papers, Please! #
  • Admiral Thad Allen is an amazingly competent, intellegent, proactive, man. Saw him on Maddow. He commands respect within 5 secs of speaking. #
  • I'm mildly glad that Sestak won, but he really should shut the fuck up about his win being a victory over "The Establishment". Jagov. #
  • Isabel Allende on Craig Ferguson. She's a total bitch. In a puerile way, that justifies my hating her writing. #
  • @jeff_lamarche What's going on in Cupertino on Sunday, the 6th? in reply to jeff_lamarche #
  • The sea lions are back in San Francisco! #sealions #sanfrancisco #
  • Rand Paul's campaign is going to be one long game of Dodgeball. #TRMS #Maddow #Randpaul #
  • @wilshipley I know the owners of the 440 bar one block over from you. you could hold your party there. Holds more people. Great Manhattans. in reply to wilshipley #
  • @SPI_Inc @SFMOMA #favoriteartist is Van Gogh in reply to SPI_Inc #

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All Tweets for Week Ending 2010-05-16

  • Just add it to the long, long list… /// From now on, everyone's name is Alejandro. You can blame the Lady Gaga for that. (via @GarudaSky) #
  • I don't much care for Lady GaGa. There, I said it. #goodbyegaycard #
  • *squee!* /// RT @ggreenwald: On @maddow tonight, top of the show, talking about … Kagan #
  • @gabrielgastelum Congratulations on your 365 project! in reply to gabrielgastelum #
  • Is Elena Kagan a lesbian? Cuz if she is, she's not out, and if she's not out, she has NO business being a member of SCOTUS. #
  • I hate the fact that I'm distracted by Greenwald's hotness in times like these. #
  • I keep having to rewind by 30 seconds #maddow #greenwald @ggreenwald @maddow #
  • @WWJHCD I don't get it. in reply to WWJHCD #
  • Dear Exec Branch Democrats chipping away at the Constitution: fucking STOP IT. #mirandarights #entireworldasbattlefield #ericholder #
  • @bwalkin doesn't translucent bar affect visible rect with respect to scrolling? (i.e., view will scroll up behind it?) in reply to bwalkin #
  • @heathr I have to disagree…a closeted person on SCOTUS is a security risk. in reply to heathr #
  • iPhone on Verizon means giving up being able to do ANY internet-bound activities while on hold. #nowalkingandchewinggumatthesametime #
  • @ActuallyNPH ¡ǝɔıʇɔɐɹd uı *puɐ* ʎɹoǝɥʇ uı 'ɹǝuunɟ ɥɔnɯ os sı ƃuıʇǝǝʍʇ uʍop-ǝpısdn ʇnq in reply to ActuallyNPH #
  • @diveintomark congrats! will the book be available in ePub format somehow/someway for the iPad? in reply to diveintomark #
  • @gabrielgastelum I had my 45th birthday party in the Flatiron Lounge! So much fun there! in reply to gabrielgastelum #
  • And you blatantly lied about Glenn Greenwald. /// RT @lessig First time on @maddow 2nite. #
  • Too bad can't set fire to Om Malik's tweets RT @om: […]MarsEdit 3.0, I might as well have lit fire to $15.[…]crap compared to […] 2.0 #
  • @danielpunkass "malik" is a contraction for "malicious prick". So I heard. in reply to danielpunkass #
  • Re-ripping whole CD collection to Apple Lossless now that iTunes automagically rips to 128K AAC during sync to iPad/iPhone/iPod #cdsrvinyl #
  • and did i mention that a 27" Core i7 iMac is so fast it rips backwards in time? #iMac #corei7 #
  • @gideonse no, 128K is AAC/mp4 and is lossy. it's the iTunes store format. Apple Lossless is similar to FLAC, but plays nice in Appleworld in reply to gideonse #
  • @gideonse but 128K AAC is 7x smaller than Apple Lossless, which in turn is only half the size of the original AIFF on the Audio CD in reply to gideonse #
  • @gideonse not sure, but ALAC is essentially the same thing & the source code for decoding it is public domain. so no biggie using ALAC. in reply to gideonse #
  • @gideonse maybe ALAC is more efficient. Apple gave up on "not invented here". They won't even enter a market if they can't add value. in reply to gideonse #
  • @danielpunkass which part of 3.3.1 is taking the mickey out of @rentzch? what's there, or what's not there and is utterly discretionary? in reply to danielpunkass #
  • Mac Users: we choose Framemaker on Mac! Adobe: Piss off, ya fuckers! http://yfrog.com/5no43up #
  • sometimes u should: LoneStar ///RT @Kevin_Lately @greggysf @Kevin_Lately "No ShoesShirtService" : = A sign You will never see in a Gay Bar. #
  • @danielpunkass glad u enjoyed myself with? Now I'm confused. But in an, y'know, enjoyable way. in reply to danielpunkass #
  • @gideonse alac v flac: did some looking. no real joy. patent entanglements? easier for apple to do alac themselves. decoding alac is open… #
  • @gideonse decoding alac is open source, so you'll always be able to return your music to original, bit-perfect form, so ur not locked in. #
  • Anyone out there know reasons why Apple came up with ALAC (Apple Lossless) rather than use FLAC? Technological? Legal? N.I.H.? #flac #alac #
  • @gideonse it's not good enough to be *able* to return to original, you have to be able to *always* return to orig, no matter what. in reply to gideonse #
  • @DougMcBride that was just mean. in reply to DougMcBride #
  • @gideonse that's the open-source weenies' big arg anti-ALAC, but they're wrong, cuz you can. I think there are ways to use FLAC in iTunes. in reply to gideonse #
  • @gideonse just not graceful, non-kludgy ones, and that makes them dead to me. 😉 in reply to gideonse #
  • @rentzch I applaud your principles and your candor, I'm just sorry for me that I never got to a c4. #
  • When the new iPhone comes out, I thought I'd finally be all-801.11n WiFi. Then I bought a bathroom scale. http://yfrog.com/42p7ap #
  • F*CKING GENIUS /// RT @johnaugust: .@zeldman's proposed Apple response to Adobe is excellent :: http://j.mp/b5vbGM #
  • @gideonse oh, i don't think iPods/iPhones will play FLAC. And I'm not ever intending on putting ALAC versions on devices, just in my iTunes in reply to gideonse #
  • @gideonse Unless you're spending more on headphones than on your iPod, no reason for lossless tracks. 256kbps AAC is "indistinguishable" in reply to gideonse #
  • @gideonse not to mention the performance hit on the battery and storage capacity. in reply to gideonse #
  • "His countryside's burnin' with wolfman fairies dressed in drag for homicide" #failedSpringsteenlyrics Oh, wait… #
  • Curated Search: Google weights its results. Get over yourself. RT @timbray: Curated computing: Freedom is over-rated. #
  • Many peoples' attitude: "I don't want more choice, I just want nicer things" RT @timbray: Curated computing: Who needs complexity? #
  • END SCENE. histrionic much? ///RT @timbray: I, for one, welcome our new curatorial overlords. #
  • I bet there are some w/blue teeth. RT @eschaton: @sanguish Bluetooth shock collar? I bet there's someone on the Internet that sells that… #
  • Crappity crap. Woke up sneezing. Then felt that twinge of—oh god no. Then achy. Now…yep. Fever. Shit. #

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Chely Wright Rules! Pass It On!

I’m not typically a curator-type pass-it-along blogger, but this interview with Chely Wright is one of the most refreshing interviews I’ve read in a very long time.  And it’s a coming-out interview!

I’ve been out for so long, that even though of course I respect and admire those who are courageous enough to come out, and I applaud and support them when they do—and encourage them to do so before they do, typically the story is the same and well, I’ve been there.

But Chely Wright.  She’s smart and wise beyond what she has any right being.

All that, and she left her cynicism somewhere far away from the journalist’s audio recorder.  Good girl.

My favorite quote:

I wasn’t just in the closet, Whitney. I was behind the sheetrock in the closet.

Anyway, you can read it for yourself. Unfortunately, she’s probably right about Nashville and the Country Music Community.  Back in 1995, when Ty Herndon was arrested for showing his penis to an undercover policeman while cruising in Griffith Park in Dallas, TX, that night in Nashville the news shows were doing retrospectives on Herndon’s career, talking about how his career was already over when it was just getting started.  Not because he got arrested, mind you, but because he was gay.

Herndon tried to ungay himself, plea-bargaining away the indecent-exposure charge by leveraging the drugs charge (they found amphetamines—probably E—in his truck): he claimed he was under the influence of the drugs and that’s what made him do what he did and so if he underwent drug treatment they’d drop the charge.

So uppers make you want cock in the uppers, and being a drug addict is far better than being gay. That’s what Nashville preferred to believe.

Herndon quickly released a video, a duet with a woman. W. O. M. A. N. and his label got it played in heavy rotation (sort of like you do with the cock in the uppers sometimes) so that everyone kept seeing Ty singing to a female and a female singing back.

His career wasn’t over after all, but it never did recover fully.

But Chely is having none of that.  She’s out and proud, living her life in truth, being a good shepherd to her life, as she puts it.

She makes me proud of her and proud of myself for having been doing the same.

So thank you, Chely, for your words, which are better than my words have been, in some ways.  Words which may be good enough for many others who would have otherwise remained living in the dark, living in lies.

Welcome to your life out in the sun.  With us.

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