Weekly Tweets: 2010-06-27

  • iPhone 4's iTunes Store defaults to HD movie and TV rentals. Astounding. Alice in Wonderland in HD *ON MY PHONE*. It looks stunning. #
  • @MrCraigBierko @nibroc @danielpunkass @gruber @jonnodotcom @_ado @GarudaSky @AlanNYC @heathr @bynkii @ggreenwald @Clarko #followfriday #ff #
  • Meow RT @danielpunkass: Photos of this white iPhone 4 I found in a bar reveal clues as to why Apple delayed its launch: http://bit.ly/cMV6BH #
  • "Archer" is now available on Netflix Instant streaming! Honestly, I *still* do not know how they got away with half the shit they did. #
  • I can't repro. /// RT @danielpunkass: The one-finger Pause My Network™ feature in iPhone 4 is awesome! http://vimeo.com/12864890 #
  • Yikes, another $300 to repair the ol' Vespa. But that included repairing my helmet's visor/shield, and adding back the P200E badges. #vespa #
  • @musoSF yikes. Maybe you need to take the freak flag down first. 😉 in reply to musoSF #
  • @musoSF if you need access to that many songs, it's the strategy that's wrong, not you, baby. Not you. 🙂 #talkingdownfromtheledge #winkwink in reply to musoSF #
  • Serndipitous discovery: if you save up a week's worth of cnet's Loaded podcasts, you can see Mark Licea's arms getting bigger b 4 ur eyes! #
  • Me to my awesome FedEx person: busy day today, huh? Her: VERY. But going fast cuz *everybody* seems to be home today! #iphone4 #
  • @hicksdesign (http://hicksdesign.co.uk/1264) so what was the Doctor referring to that he said to Amy when she was 7? #
  • My iPhone's arriving a day early! w00t! #
  • iOS4 installed on my iPhone 3GS! W00t! #
  • @Jawschwacox I heard it makes you prettier, smarter and younger looking. in reply to Jawschwacox #

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