Weekly Tweets: 2010-07-18

  • DailyBeast blew that one. Out of 100K+ apps, they picked THOSE? ew. /// RT @GuyKawasaki: 10 worst iPhone apps http://idek.net/2pm4 #
  • @sanguish As mainly a 3rd party developer, people always assumed that because I developed Mac (and now iPhone/iPad) software, I work 4 Apple in reply to sanguish #
  • @tewha thanks! in reply to tewha #
  • It was named by the Department of Redundancy Department RT @dschimpf: Why is it called Fisherman's Wharf? Is there a Librarian's Wharf too? #
  • microSIM is just regular sim w/inert part cut down RT @nevenmrgan: @danielpunkass I *think* you can get a converter for micro-to-normal-SIM. #
  • Congratulations, Spain. But I'm still gonna get me an oranje jersey for myself. #worldcup #
  • FUCK. 🙁 #worldcup #
  • @Jawschwacox what have I told you about the pseudoscience of applying darwinist principles to social structures? in reply to Jawschwacox #

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