Weekly Tweets: 2010-07-25

  • Sam Storicks, Sept 10, 1979 - July 23, 2010. I loved you, Sam. I'll miss you. Everyone who knew you will. #SamStoricks #
  • #SeeThis http://twitpic.com/28dfm6 #
  • #SeeThis http://twitpic.com/28dfax #
  • @lonelysandwich Geez, now *I'm* blushing! in reply to lonelysandwich #
  • I'm not saying @lonelysandwich is gay, he's not. Just that plenty of us find him hot. Nerdy hot and just hot hot. #
  • I predict that @lonelysandwich is the next hot gay sex symbol. #flipboard http://j.mp/9RoUMT #
  • What a gorgeous app: @flipboard. Just wish I could actually use it. Server overload. Nice problem to have, though #flipboard #
  • That's shocking! You use a Mac? 🙂 /// RT @gideonse: Just worked for 180 minutes with http://www.macfreedom.com! #
  • Is THAT how he got fake-tan-spray in the corners of his mouth???? /// RT @bynkii: is there ANY GOP dick that Leiberman's not sucking? #
  • I guess metaphorical masturbation works, 2 RT @hobronto: Glenn Beck is going blind. In other news, apparently cocaine can make you go blind. #
  • RT @hobronto: RT @amboy00: Sarah Palin just downloaded Nonwords with Friends iPhone app. #
  • @danbenjamin Got one myself just last week. Using FW800 on the DroboPro because I have it hooked up to a new Mac mini Server. #
  • Dun DUN RT @hobronto: Bear Week appears to have a lot in common with Shark Week, in that it seems to involve scaring families at the beach. #
  • RT @_ado: RT @JET_AZ: The way Arizona is going, 50 years from now schoolchildren will be reading "The Diary of Anna Francisco-Hernandez". #

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