Weekly Tweets: 2010-08-29

  • @colinferg "Nope! Not a vampire!" Classic! on tonight's Eureka. Nicely done, you guys. in reply to colinferg #
  • A real man doesn't love a million men.He loves 1 man in a million ways. #sickofmeninopenrelationshipshittingonme #wherehaveallthegoodmengone #
  • Oh, Georgie. How I long for the old view… #
  • Researched the .md domain for a doc friend of mine. $150/yr. Ick. RT @SteveStreza: A .fm domain name costs $95/year. Ow. #
  • Getting caught up on Colbert Reports: Jeffrey Goldberg is a mindlessly pro-Israel douche-nozzle. #jeffreygoldberg #
  • @DrErnie Ideologies and religions aren't the same thing, and not everyone approaches a topic or philosophy by assuming a good/evil axis in reply to DrErnie #
  • So many religions/religious default to either/or proposition out of the gate. RT @DrErnie: Islam: Religion of Peace or Religion of War? … #
  • LOL RT @rstevens: You don't believe in UFOs? What if I told you BjΓΆrk got her pilot's license? #
  • @rentzsch comcast has been running u-verse ads. apparently HDTV shares bandwidth with internet, if that matters. in reply to rentzsch #

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The Fall Of A Sparrow

Writer’s block and meditation are two sides of the same coin: they are both misunderstood as completely as a thing can be said to be misunderstood. I suppose that is a tautology, as many will have been tripped over that coin I placed in your path, stuck to the sidewalk with so much overchewed gum.

Or perhaps the grasping, globular intellect seized quite involuntarily upon a common causeway to traffic meaning between the two: Absence?

Vulgar vernacular has writer’s block down as an absence of sorts: a blank page refusing to surrender itself to ink or carbon or variant pixels. Selfsame for meditation, although intentional: achieving the blank page of the mind and standing sentries around it that reject arrant thoughts, plant trees as windbreaks that keep out wisps of ideas while we sit, perhaps Zazen, with nothingness.

When, though, was a blockade or any form of blockage about nothingness? And how does one construct sentries and windbreaks in the mind without thinking?

Relax, it’s rhetorical: there is no nothingness. Nature abhors a vacuumβ€”or is it that vacuuming comes naturally to a whore?

No matter. The Truth of it is that writer’s block is about crowding: too many notions and potions, ideations and creations competing for primacy, hoping to be borne onto a page: thoughts alchemize when they hit the air and are forever changed, and the little pricks know that.

And they know it’s worth fighting for and, lordjesusfargochrist do they know it. And fight they do, and it’s the murderous storming clamor that drowns out thought itself, that clogs up the pipeline and createsβ€”you guessed itβ€”blockage.

And what’s this to do with meditation? Meditation is about letting go of the valve on that pipeline, letting the clamor happen and letting those little pricks just exhaust themselves or go hoarse. Either is acceptable, because the outcome is same: respite for you.

Sentries aren’t needed and windbreaks are beside the point because there is no point to be made: thoughts have run their course and you’re left with You. Which is to say, nothing. Because truly, self-image is a construct, just another one of those little pricks, if you will, vying for me-time. Reach that point in meditation and, well, there’s not enough other to record the trip.

So you might have actually been there before: if you’ve truly been successful, you won’t ever know it.

It’s what death must be like. There’s no you remaining to experience the truth of it, and so the little pricks of the world clamor to paste handbills of riotous, shallow meaning to it and call it truth.

Christianity. Atheism (capital-A, rabid variety). Islam. Only the Buddhists are self-abnegating, which is why you’ll never see a Buddhist with a gun and a Plan for Self-Ascendancy, and that should tell you all you need to know.

Shakespeare, for all his fathering of Western Literature, is the Ironic Critic of all its mundanity. He made up literally (ha!) thousands of words because the West had no means of describing the things his mind cooked up.

Not a whit, we defy augury. There’s a special
providence in the fall of a sparrow. If it be now,
‘tis not to come; if it be not to come, it will be
now; if it be not now, yet it will come. The
readiness is all. Since no man has aught of what he leaves,
what is’t to leave betimes?

And there is a special providence in the fall of every sparrow. There’s just no need to manufacture a special provider in order to appreciate that fact: We do indeed defy augury.

Weekly Tweets: 2010-08-22

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Weekly Tweets: 2010-08-15

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Weekly Tweets: 2010-08-08

  • @bynkii and by 'stupid', you mean short-sighted hypocrites? in reply to bynkii #
  • Why is it that in the same breath, Fandroids champion "choice" *AND* wanting to crush everyone else out of existence? #
  • Apple's got some serious splainin' to do. RT @TheMacalope: […] What. The. Hell? http://bit.ly/b5Rc9E #
  • Saucer of milk & large popcorn? :)RT @hobronto: FF 2 year 2028 to see what kind of high school-aged characters Michael Cera is playing then. #
  • Stop following me & I will "follow" you…ifyouknowhatimean πŸ˜‰ RT @hobronto: Want to impress me? Tell me who I should *stop* following. #
  • After #flipboard and #square and other corporate stuff, I want to make the next killer iPhone app just so @lonelysandwich can make my video. #
  • C? HotGayIcon! RT @lonelysandwich: There's no justice 'til I can gay marry in a mosque at Ground Zero with a medical marijuana in my mouth. #
  • RT @mattduss: BREAKING: @NewtGingrich condemns Prop 8 decision, insists it will force him to get married a fourth, fifth and sixth time. #
  • The December25thists #selloutbands #
  • But you're not a *NEGATIVE* asshole πŸ™‚ RT @gruber[…]no, working to not be negative is good, otherwise u sound like an asshole like @gruber #
  • It's the great Pumpkin-Charlie-Brown-Head! http://www.godofbiscuits.com/blog/?p=6988 #DougMcBride #godofbiscuits #giantcharliebrownhead #
  • TimeCher #selloutbands #
  • The Jonas Brothers #selloutbands #

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Weekly Tweets: 2010-08-01

  • RT @johnaugust: Saw SALT. Ttl character changes clothes a lot, stealing stuff. Guess many women are size Please Eat Something We're Worried. #
  • RT @NathanFillion: If someone says, "…that's what she said." I respond, "…to her friend, who was also a slut." #
  • I miss ppl making eye contact when I leave Bay Area … RT @heathr: […]NYers needed some more help avoiding eye contact with each other. #
  • @wilshipley could you implement -foo yourself with getter=foo to get around it/ in reply to wilshipley #
  • For a second there, I thought that was a new contraction for "napa cabbage" πŸ™‚ / RT @Daigansf: No no no, not Miller Time.. Nappage Time.. πŸ™‚ #
  • SFW Gay pr0n warning! πŸ™‚ /// RT @lonelysandwich: […] now I proudly don these dreamy unlicensed postal shorts. http://yfrog.com/07vrawj #
  • Would you two like to be alone? RT @SteveStreza: Damn you sexy, Spotify for Mac. http://bit.ly/aSNlpl #
  • Not sure why i'd want one. /// RT @musoSF: COOL!!! RT @MacRumors: Sprint to Turn iPod Touch Into 3G Mobile Hotspot?: http://bit.ly/9SKjpU #
  • Turns u supergay? πŸ™‚ RT @Clarko: Protip: Don't have a lot of energy drink […] to wash down habanero […]starting to see a triple rainbow. #
  • Hurry! Own an unoriginal! /// RT @gedeon: What it's like to own an Apple product, via @oatmeal - http://bit.ly/aqbpjJ #
  • And who taught them to land like the Mars Rover? Tanya Harding should have beat Kerrigan a LOT harder and we wouldn't have to DEAL wit dis #
  • Fucking Zerg, man. They breed like….Zerg. #
  • Nancy Kerrigan, Queen of Blades #bizarrostarcraft #
  • Time to fire up the StarCraft2-ograph and distract myself a little. #
  • Ayn rand() ?? Ew. I grossed myself out. Hate her. πŸ™‚ // RT @tewha: I have no idea where all this randomness is coming from. #
  • @bynkii yeah, right? If Apple bakes one-process-per-webview into webkit itself, chrome has no significant advantages. it's fugly. in reply to bynkii #
  • Spoilers!!!! RT @SteveStreza: Mengsk has quite the neck beard. http://img.ly/1MtAS #
  • Might be illegal to eat that if their guy wins. RT @AmyJane: Wow, @target,seriously? U just lost a ton of my money.Also, eat a bag of dicks. #
  • Logically,that sounds a bit shifty, to me. In other words, 2. RT @tewha: Yes, previous developer, "!!true" is true. But so is true. #
  • RT @hotdogsladies: Two weeks with iPhone 4 and NOT ONE dropped call. I'm pointlessly outraged that I don't get to be pointlessly outraged. #
  • You're talking about Chrome? πŸ™‚ // RT @bynkii: yay! Now I have a face to put to the name behind the abomination that is Google UI #
  • My friend Shiun Hwang & my good friends at Lab Zero have their 1st self-branded app on the App Store! Check it out! http://bit.ly/9YTgFJ #
  • StarCraft II Installer: @ 91% PEOPLE!!!!!! #STARCRAFTII #OMGcannotwait #jesusmengskchristhurryup #holykerriganfuckplease #lordyzergnow #
  • @siracusa TimeCapsule has a 3.5" HDD in it. in reply to siracusa #
  • @danbenjamin I'll definitely be back. You made all the observations & asked the questions I would have asked. Obviously, you're a GENIUS. πŸ™‚ in reply to danbenjamin #
  • @bynkii it's hilarious! but my inner completeness nerd wants to correct the moon part: latest theories say it did come from earth-mass. πŸ™‚ in reply to bynkii #
  • Beta-zoinks! RT @jkottke: Counselor Troi cameltoe. Oh my. #
  • @DanBenjamin's podcast, The Pipeline on iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-pipeline/id354122274 #
  • Just listened to @danbenjamin 's Podcast w/ @lonelysandwich . Believe it or not, it's the first audio podcast I've ever listened to. #5by5 #

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