Weekly Tweets: 2010-08-29

  • @colinferg "Nope! Not a vampire!" Classic! on tonight's Eureka. Nicely done, you guys. in reply to colinferg #
  • A real man doesn't love a million men.He loves 1 man in a million ways. #sickofmeninopenrelationshipshittingonme #wherehaveallthegoodmengone #
  • Oh, Georgie. How I long for the old view… #
  • Researched the .md domain for a doc friend of mine. $150/yr. Ick. RT @SteveStreza: A .fm domain name costs $95/year. Ow. #
  • Getting caught up on Colbert Reports: Jeffrey Goldberg is a mindlessly pro-Israel douche-nozzle. #jeffreygoldberg #
  • @DrErnie Ideologies and religions aren't the same thing, and not everyone approaches a topic or philosophy by assuming a good/evil axis in reply to DrErnie #
  • So many religions/religious default to either/or proposition out of the gate. RT @DrErnie: Islam: Religion of Peace or Religion of War? … #
  • LOL RT @rstevens: You don't believe in UFOs? What if I told you Bj√∂rk got her pilot's license? #
  • @rentzsch comcast has been running u-verse ads. apparently HDTV shares bandwidth with internet, if that matters. in reply to rentzsch #

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