Weekly Tweets: 2010-11-21

  • @hobronto RE:dickless Harry Reid: see, that's not fair, along the lines of " whatthefuckhasobamadonesofar.com " not-fair. charisma-less yes. in reply to hobronto #
  • Genius. RT @BabaBrinkman: At a Festival of Ideas panel discussion on astrobiology with José G. Funes, scientific advisor to the Pope #
  • The people who created it? Develop with it? RT @bynkii: I think the Adobe AIR people are just stupid #
  • Best. Captain. Kirk. Line. EVAR!!! RT @eschaton: Excuse me, I have a question… What does "God" need with a starship? #
  • BAD grammar! Who needs TEN smartphones? /// RT @timbray: "Ten Essential budget Android smartphones": http://is.gd/hf00I #
  • also HILARIOUS bit on Archer // RT @DieLaughing: The TSA is trying to calm people's fears w/a new slogan: "Just the tip,baby. Just the tip." #
  • I just scored 3,321 points in Astronut. Can you beat me? http://AstronutApp.com #
  • @MichaelHartney Offer as the only topping those sugar BBs and call it OrangeOrange ShinyShiny! in reply to MichaelHartney #
  • FIght the TSA: don't shower for a week before traveling. Oh wait. Then they'd only hire gay bears. #
  • @ERICBALFOUR Tell Ron Howard that gay doesn't mean bad, no matter how he tries to spin it. Oh wait, that would be bad for you. 🙂 in reply to ERICBALFOUR #
  • @SethMacFarlane re:pirates: is that an 18th century dildo at the end of your knee, or are you just happy to see me? in reply to SethMacFarlane #

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