DADT, don’t let the door slap you flirtily, leering-at-you-in-the-showers-ingly, staring at your ass junkingly on your way out into the murky, foggy, backward side of the arc of time.

To all you conservatives who think the end of the world is coming, well, it is. Your bibles have told you so. Just not over this.

Your god made me gay, just like he made you straight. But my god isn’t. No, that wasn’t a premorse sentence. I just don’t have one. I am who am and I am gay.

Don’t like it? I’m sorry about that, but I don’t dislike you for your heterosexuality. That would be ridiculous and absurd.

I don’t expect all gay service members to come out over this ruling, but now if they do come out, or by virtue of situation (show up at a social gathering with a same-sex partner, or wear a wedding ring and are asked about it, or—heaven forfend—get legally married) are found out by their piers to be gay, they won’t be discharged from the military for it.

Nor can they continue to be blackmailed by their C.O.s for being secretly gay, as they are now in many, many cases.

In other words, the military can return to being honorable, can return to not encouraging its members to be deceitful or put them in a position that might make them a security risk.

Yay for honesty and honor!

And you can thank the gays and the simple act of discovering that being who you are is the best of all possible options for restoring the military to its own core values.

And there’s no escaping that conclusion.