Weekly Tweets: 2011-02-06

  • Yesterday's Android 3.0 demo showed virtual 3D page-turning in its eBook reader app. Due in Android 4.0: long document names. #
  • Just append "InBed" @dschimpf: Naming things is the hardest part of programming. I've been staring at this half-named variable for 10 min. #
  • @bbum sorry about the fallout with the family member, but on behalf of myself and other gay folks…thanks for your vocal support. in reply to bbum #
  • Lame @gruber: if [no simult] voice-data is a deal-breaker, how come [no] complaints from 94 million existing Verizon customers? #
  • Hi, I write the Coquette column for _The Daily_ #worstpickuplines #
  • I'm a Republican. #worstpickuplines #
  • My penis has a first name, it's O-S-C-A-R…. #worstpickuplines #
  • Yes, I'm a teabagger. What? No, it has nothing to do with my scrotum. #worstpickuplines #
  • no idea. just wishful thinking. 🙁 @thatSTEVE: @godofbiscuits @ryan jeff .. do know when the 71" is shipping? #
  • @wilshipley well, it contains urea salt, which is a molecule, several times the size of a single K+ or Na+ ion. Still can't filter it, tho. in reply to wilshipley #
  • @ryan when are you getting the vizio (and/or other) 21:9 TVs in for review????? 🙂 in reply to ryan #

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