Today is Sunday, 4-February 2018.

I feel the need to mark the date inline, because the fact of it bears repeating.

I feel good.

Not high, not blitzed, not zoned out. Good.

No headache, nor even the slightest hint of one on the horizon. When I lay back there is no pain in my body. I have a warm feeling all over.

It took me a good half hour to figure out what was, well, different, about these hours, this evening.

It’s not about happiness, or the measure thereof. It’s not about hope.

What’s it about? It’s about Now. It’s the Present.

And I am painfree.

There is no time, no space, no me. There just is.

I sound high, but the absence of a thing is often harder to detect. When it’s an overall negative thing that isn’t, it’s a revelation. It’s splendiferous. It’s quiet and it’s celebratory.

Everything happens all at once when it’s not about time or duration. This time, nothing, no-thing happens all at once.

Mellifluous silence. Inside my head.