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29 november 2004

The Gays #001

...the first in a series. [Seriously!]

to DIE forThere's always been gaydar. I think the straight folks who either can't learn it (Christian Extremism and voting Republican are in that same locus) or won't learn it (irony-impairment travels on the same gene) treat gaydar with the same kind of paranoia that makes people go to Epcot instead of going to the real countries.

It used to be that you could get around this ghastly lack by singing “Clang! Clang! Clang!” to a potential Matachine and if they respond with “Went the Trolley”, well, you have a bonafide (hehe, I said 'bone') homosexual on your hands (so to speak). But that's an old song that most people probably don't even know anymore.

There is a new hope, however: The KitchenAid Stand Mixer.

Got one? Then you're a Big Ol' 'Mo. Sorry, you just are.

Posted by jeff at 29 november 2004 20:43

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Hah! I got one, and I ain't no mo! Well, it's my wife's thing, but I clean it and polish it lovingly before putting it away. She bakes, I cook. Hi again. -Don

Posted by: Don Sleeter at 29 november 2004 23:34

I'm a mo, I named mine "Martha."

Posted by: homer at 30 november 2004 6:17

I don't have one. But I WANT one! Can I keep my MO card?

Posted by: brat at 30 november 2004 6:40

Add that to my Christmas wish list. It'll just collect dust, but I NEED IT BADLY!

Posted by: jimbo at 30 november 2004 7:16

D and I are super gay, ours is anodized aluminum. As to match our pots and pans.

Posted by: geno at 30 november 2004 9:01

Could Mom have 2 Mo's in the same family? i was just looking at one the other day to buy

Posted by: Anthony (brother of Jeff) at 30 november 2004 9:24

I guess I don't get to be a 'Mo, since I don't have one.. I want one, but A). have no place I could actually use it and B). have the smallest kitchen in the universe, so couldn't make anything with it.

I do think Anthony is a 'Mo by proxi since he is related and cool!..

Posted by: sillynun Author Profile Page at 30 november 2004 10:58

If I want one, and my girlfriend wants one, but we both want different colors, do we become MOs when our powers combine? Or do we just have MO envy?

Posted by: AnonymousCoworker at 30 november 2004 11:00

And it's just so... PINK!


An' jus' how much horsepower you got goin' on wid dat dere 'mo-gadget, eh? :-)

('Mo-Gadget... hmmm... I like the sound of that.)

Posted by: palochi at 30 november 2004 11:23

I guess some of you could be M'Os (metrosexuals) instead of 'MOs.

If you MUST.

Posted by: GodOfBiscuits at 30 november 2004 11:30

Well, they'd be fierce, daring I say RAVING, metrosexuals, then.

Posted by: Jerry at 30 november 2004 13:57

dare, even

Posted by: Jerry at 30 november 2004 13:58

Oh man, I have two Kitchen-aids and a Cuisinart so I must be really, really gay. I bought the big one because...have you ever tried to make batter for two cheesecakes with the small bowl? nuff said. I have the pebbled-steel gray uber-power version and the normal cobalt blue mixer. Kind of like a big butch daddy and his pretty plaything.

Posted by: Todd at 30 november 2004 17:13

yep. on my third one. mo! mo! mo! i keep lusting after the newer colours, so i give the older ones to my siblings. my precious now is orange. matches the blender across the kitchen. and the spatulas, and the....i'm giving myself away, aren't i?

Posted by: jiminy at 30 november 2004 20:30

Oh dear! Is it possible to be triple gay? I have two white stand mixers (different sizes) and a dark blue hand mixer. I guess that means I get three Gay Cards...LOL

Posted by: Bob at 1 december 2004 18:43

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