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4 januari 2005

A HOT New Year

...life above 37°C

I woke up Monday morning with a fever. A doozy of a fever; not all that high, but one of those incapacitating dry-heat types of fever. The kind that leaves you torpid of thought but not of body.

Still, I slept all day, woke up late in the afternoon feeling not at all refreshed. The opposite, in fact: exhausted, stale, unguarded.

Not the best time to have a heavy and deep discussion with your partner about your relationship, and, at the same time probably the only time to have that kind of discussion.

It's been a rough day, but I'm not unraveled. I'm pretty sure that Sam is not unraveled. Our relationship is far from unraveled.

But we have the world. And time enough.

Posted by jeff at 4 januari 2005 1:06

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feel better! need some soup?

Posted by: moby at 4 januari 2005 21:51

Yes, that's no better time to have a deep one on one discussion with your partner. Feelings have to be said in the open

Posted by: Bufftuff Author Profile Page at 10 januari 2005 6:13

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